Rosa´s activities

Rosa – About us

Non-Governmental Organization for environmental issues was foud in 1991 to inform about protection of nature and environment. The organization was originally found as a foundation and later transformed into NGO.


We aim to spread the ideas of living in harmony with nature and sustainable development principles. We provide education and public awarness and share experience on best practice. We are aware of urgent global issues and so we offer individual, local, regional and national solutions.

Motto: „Assist people to help nature“


Our activities are useful for public. The biggest target group are families with children, teachers, kids clubs and local producers.

Advice in environmental issues

Rosa NGO provides advice for public for free and independently. The organization concentrates on responsible consumption patterns of individuals, households and organizations. It focuses also on public awarness, caring for children with ecological approach to environment, running a business economically, natural gardens -gardens in harmony with nature, local development, sustainable offices and administration, etc. Organization also arranges contacts with experts in other specific topics like energy savings, administrative procedures.

Education, Trainig, Workshops

Rosa organizes workshops and educative courses about environmental issues and sustainable consumption patterns.


There is the ready-made display and posters to rent. Usually municipalities, schools, nongovernmental organizations are interested in borrowing a specific displeay (e.g. environment friendly interactive toy exhibition safe for children, ecological cloth nappies exhibition, exhibition supporting local producers and economy).

Education, Public awarness

Rosa organizes markets and happenings concentrating on local producers and alternative ways of responsible consumption (e.g. Real Nappy week, Shepherd festival, Ecomarket).


Main focus – topics of activities    

Responsible buying and consumption

Promotion of more responsible patterns of buying and consumption, thereby consuming less energy and fewer resources. Supporting eco-friendly kids products (environment friendly toys, real cloth nappies, organic cosmetics), eco-friendly woman (femine hygiene products, nature cosmetics) and eco household (eco cleaning products, recycling, responsible buying, saving energy, etc.)

Local development

Rosa supports local development to lower imports, increase local finance cycle and encourage the formation of small enterprises as a platform for local economy (e.g. Shepherd festival, Ecomarket, etc.)

Natural garden

Third part focuses on natural garden – gardens without heavy chemicals, gardens with permaculture principles and activites to increase biodiverzity of landscape.



Rosa is a member in these organizations:

Krasec (south bohemia center of environmental organizations),

STEP (umbrella association of advisory organisations in Czech Republic),

Zelený kruh (umbrella for environmental NGO),

Sdružení Růže (association of municipalities in south bohemia).



Law about nonprofit organisation sets a Management Board to direct an organization and a Supervisory Board to check the tasks. The Management Board votes a Chief Executive Officer.

Management Board: Mgr. Dana Křešničková (Head of Management Board), Hana Janáčková; , Eliška Padyšaková, Karla Sukdolová, Lenka Šedová, Simona Šafarčíková

Supervisory Board: Mgr. Olga Jedličková (Head of Supervisory Board), Ing. Lenka Smržová, Mgr. Adéla Chadimová

Chief Executive Officer : Ing. Michal Paroulek



Rosa – organization for environmental issues and activities

Senovážné náměstí 232/9

370 01 České Budějovice

Czech Republic

tel.: +420 778 164 661

email: – information about Rosa´s activities, e-shop – information about sustainable consumption patterns


bank account: 12199723/0300 (ČSOB – Poštovní spořitelna)